Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Sisyphus Workout

Our third Terrain Fitness workout is done!  The day started off cool down at the Willows but warmed as we worked through the session. Since the myth has Sisyphus pushing a boulder size stone up a hill only to have it roll back down, we incorporated heavy stones and hills into this workout. We started with a brief warm up and then moved to the beach to get things started.
I. Warm Up
II. On the beach and working with heavy stone (beach rock) we rotated through 10 reps of Granny Toss (squat to jump while throwing), Squat Jump (from high plank), Stone Press Throw, PushUps, and Deadlift with heavy stone.  12 minutes continuous.
III.  We moved from the beach to the walkway for 10 sprints with crabwalk return.
IV.  We moved up the hill with our stone to an 'AB Pit' at the top of the hill.  We rolled our stone down the hill to benches for squat jumps or lunges (alternating) then carried our rock up the hill for more Ab work (crunch or plank) alternating.
V. Lastly we maxed out Tricep (dips), Arms and Chest (pushups incline), and Abs with leglifts, all utilizing the bench

We incorporated meditation into this workout.  After the workout and from our vantage point atop our hill we did a concentration meditation focusing on our stone.  This was the highlight of our workout for me.

Overall this was a great FULL BODY workout leaving me feeling some soreness all over.

Looking forward to the next one: two left!

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