Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Box

We met at Dead Horse Beach today for a great workout.  After our warm up we maxed out on a simple set that we tried last week.  Using a beach rock we alternated 10 reps of Granny Toss, Squat Jumps, Press Throw (with rocks), PushUps, and Dead Lift.  We rotated through 10 reps each for 12 minutes.

Then we paired off for agility using a square drawn in the sand.  Within each 'box' one athlete would try to run from one corner to the other without being touched (game of tag).  Lots of zigging and zagging.  Lots of quick bursts of speed and power.  We did two sets of the box 10' and 8'.  In between box sets we did a 4' set of pushups to plank and another 4' set of lunge walk to squat jump.

Lastly, we finished up the workout with a little scrimmage game of football.  Good stuff.

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