Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Bleacher Workout

Our last Terrain Fitness workout is done!  We met at Bertram field in Salem for an excellent bleacher workout.  Bertram field is the home of the Salem Witches.  The field has a 12 Monkeys, remote, abandoned feel to it somewhat.  A great place to let your Bleacher Frog Jump fly!

We spent most of our time on the bleachers and even though the thermometer was in the 20s, cold was not an issue.

The workout:
I. Warm Up with football; catch among friends

II. Low impact bleacher strength work - 5 drills for 90" each: Lunge Walk, Crab Walk, Frog Jump, Duck Walk (lateral) and Bear Crawl.  The video below illustrates these 5 exercises.  The Frog Jump is excellent.

III. S u p e r  S e t s (bleachers up / easy jog down) - 1' each drill in rapid succession
A. Hop both feet each step
A. Hop scotch (up stairs)
A. Hop two steps up one step down

1' recover

B. Side step up feet touch every step
B. Same as above other side
B. Cross over side step up

1' recover

C. Speed run up both feet touch every step
C. Speed run stairs (one foot - one step)
C. Stride out - every other stair

1' recover

Strength Stations (1' each and rotate through all):
Military press with band
High plank with leg lift (alternate)
Crunch or fingers touch toes (from crunch position)

Repeat all of the above 3x

IV. Cool down; easy pass and play

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