Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Grid

Our second Terrain Fitness workout is in the book.  We had nine athletes turn out for a great workout this morning at Beverly's Lynch Park.

The meat of the workout was working a 5 lane by 5 lane grid lay out (with cones) on a grassy slope.  Each lane was about 10feet wide.  We started with sprints running uphill, one sprint per lane, starting at lane one and running each lane (5 sprints).  After the last sprint, lane 5, athletes worked back down the hill working within each horizontal lane and performing a different drill: lunge walk, squat walk, squat hop, crab walk and side step duck.  After reaching the bottom of the field, athletes would repeat the pattern by running sprints working through each vertical lane.  There were lots of folks on the 'field' at once and I encouraged some 'friction' as folks worked both the vertical and horizontal lanes.

Second, we ran each lane horizontal with a different ab workout at the end of each lane: crunch, bicycle, leg lifts, toe touch with finger tips, high plank with knees to elbows.  After each 25 rep set, athletes would sprint to the next ab set.

Lastly, we ran the grid diagonals from cone to cone.  We shuffled around each cone in the field (agility) and sprinted to each cone along the diagonal line.  Each set lasted about 12'

We ended the workout with another round of bump to bump...with nine folks on the field it provided a lot of laughs and a good steady amount of work.

Overall, a fun morning.  The work didn't flow or build on itself (as much as it could) like last week so I'll refocus on this a little more for the next one.  Also, the sprints were week, whereby our lane sprints became more recovery than max efforts.  Last week we isolated the sprints which proved more challenging (10x100).

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