Saturday, November 10, 2012

Child's Play

Our first terrain fitness workout is in the books and it was a blast.  The theme of the workout was 'child's play.'  We met at the Peabody park in Salem along the canal.

The small park offers a perfect area for strength and agility training. The workout was divided into 5 parts and we worked for a little more than 90 minutes.

I. Warm up included catch with a football with increased intensity building to running route patterns as a group.  By the end of this 20' we were pulling off layers.  Note: Emily and Karen launched their football into the canal.

II. The base strength portion of the workout included two rounds of core exercises on 1' intervals (first round) and 30" intervals (second round).  The 15 different exercises included strength and core (ab) conditioning.

III. 10 x 100meter sprints; consecutive max power with recovery run return

IV Obstacle course using playground equipment (approx 4'):
1. low wall work squat jump 2x5
2. 25 reps of inverted hand crank
3. climb over or crawl through stretching wheel
4. high plank hand walk over low stools (3 times)
5. traverse climbing wall (front and back)
6. run through the park criss-cross pathway with return atop low wall to finish line

V. "Bump to bump"
We created a small play 'field' with two end zones.  In this game of tag, one person tries to touch tag another as the group runs from end zone to end zone.  The focus was on agility and power.  Additional cones were added to the field to create obstacles to navigate as athletes run from one end zone to the other.

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