Saturday, October 6, 2012


Welcome to the home of Terrain Fitness. This site will contain fitness philosophy, concepts, workouts and a schedule. Check back for updates.

Terrain Fitness training is supplemental to your endurance event training.  We will not be training for endurance per se, rather each athlete will incorporate Terrain Fitness into their own training regime.  We will build workouts using the major muscle systems and follow a general formula unique to this type of fitness training:

20' Warm Up (below aerobic zone and increasing to aerobic threshold)
20' Base Strengthening: Super set reps utilizing found objects or body weight
20' Build Strength: Intervals using 90/10% concept. Interval duration depends on athlete's level of Fitness
20' Agility work (i.e. focus on movement across multiple planes) such as 'The Box'
10' Cool down with mindfulness

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